Jump shot on the magnificent view of Mount Pinatabo
4x4 Jeepney going to mount Pinatubo
Magnificent view of Pinatubo lake

Hiking Mt. Pinatubo

OPTION 1: Longer Drive & 30 minute hike each way

This option is only available during the summer months when the riverbed is dry. The 4×4 jeeps will travel further up the riverbed to a drop off station leaving clients to do a 30 minute walk each way to the Crater Lake.

Map of hiking Mt. Pinatubo option 1

OPTION 2: Drive along Crow Valley & and do a 2 hr hike each way. (5.5 km with a 300 m elevation)

Your driver will take you as far as he can go up Crow Valley to the start of our trekking point. The first 1.5 hours of the trek is fairly flat over rocky ground, through lahar valleys and small streams – the last 20 minutes is a steeper climb on a single trail to the summit of the Crater Lake. We suggest that our clients bring trainers as well as crocs/ sandals or something similar. This allows them to not worry about getting there trainers wet when crossing the small streams.