Jump shot on the magnificent view of Mount Pinatabo
4x4 Jeepney going to mount Pinatubo
Magnificent view of Pinatubo lake

Crow Valley

Crow Valley is the moonlike valley you cross when using the 4×4 jeeps to take you to Mt. Pinatubo. The Crow Valley Bombing and Gunnery Range was the main bombing range of the United States Armed Forces in the western Pacific and was located at Camp O’Donnell.

Red 4x4 Jeepney

The 42-mile facility was located approximately 14 miles from Clark Air Base and was primarily used for aerial combat training, which include bombing practice. The facility featured an airfield as well as sophisticated electronic warfare installations, including advanced radar and radar jamming equipment and even a Russian surface-to-air missile installation. At present, the facility is used for practice by the Philippine Air Force.