Jump shot on the magnificent view of Mount Pinatabo
4x4 Jeepney going to mount Pinatubo
Magnificent view of Pinatubo lake

4x4 Filipino Jeeps

To get to Mt. Pinatubo from Pinatubo Spa Town you will need to travel overland in a Filipino 4×4 Jeep.

Red 4x4 Jeepney

The ride is a thrilling adventure in itself over bumpy and dusty ground, through streams and over mountains. The 4×4 jeeps are a mixture of of short wheelbase land cruisers & home made jeeps.

4x4 Jeepneys to Pinatubo

The journey takes roughly 1 hour each way. Let the driver know if you want to take pictures and he will happily stop. Enjoy the ride – it is loads of fun! Have a look at the gallery.